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PRP/PRF Hair Rejuvenation
in Carolina, PR

Thick, Full, Natural Hair

PRP & PRF Hair Restoration in Carolina & Mayaguez at NUMED Medical Aesthetics Center

Hair loss affects countless men and women around the globe. If you have noticed your hair thinning or shedding more than before, you may be one of the millions of people seeking a way to restore your hair's healthy growth. While surgical solutions have long been available, our goal is to provide you with the most advanced non-surgical treatments in the industry today. In keeping with our dedication to minimally invasive aesthetic treatments, we are proud to offer a groundbreaking solution that has quickly developed a proven track record of success: PRP and PRF therapies. NUMED Medical Aesthetics Center strives to deliver the best PRP and PRF hair restoration Carolina has to offer to stimulate cellular regeneration and natural hair growth. No incisions. No downtime. No scars. Just thicker, denser, healthier hair.

Derived From Your Body, For Your Body

What are PRP and PRF?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. It exists naturally within your blood and contains potent growth factors to stimulate and enhance cellular regeneration. PRP has a long history of medical applications supporting the repair of joint and soft tissue damage. It was only a matter of time until PRP entered the world of aesthetics to promote healthy, natural skin and hair rejuvenation.

Most recently, PRP has evolved into its most recent iteration, PRF. PRF (or platelet-rich fibrin) allows for some white blood cells and stem cells to remain in the plasma for enhanced benefits.

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PRP or PRF Treatment

How Does PRP/PRF Work For Hair Restoration?

The primary purpose of PRP or PRF treatment for hair loss is to stimulate activity in the hair follicles. This may prompt an active phase of hair growth in follicles that have become inactive. PRP injections into the scalp may also support the active phase of newly implanted hair follicles. This occurs through the action of various growth factors found naturally within your blood.

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What Are The Advantages Of This Procedure?

PRP/PRF Hair Restoration Benefits

Platelet-rich plasma and fibrin are often ideal solutions to hair loss for several reasons. First, PRP and PRF are completely organic and harvested directly from the blood. Treatment is optimally safe and convenient, and it works. PRP and PRF can be prescribed as the sole form of treatment, or they may be used in combination with other hair restoration procedures, such as topical treatments or surgical restoration.

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Ideal for Men & Women in Puerto Rico

Am I a good candidate for PRP/PRF Hair Restoration?

If you have androgenic alopecia or diffuse thinning, PRP or PRF hair restoration is likely an ideal solution for you. These treatments are highly suitable for most hair restoration patients. However, some blood-related conditions may prevent some patients from undergoing PRP and PRF therapies.

Three Steps to Enhanced Hair Growth

Your PRP/PRF Hair Restoration Treatment

Your platelet-based treatment will begin with a simple blood draw. Once your providing physician has taken a small sample of your blood, they will place it in a centrifuge to separate its contents and isolate the PRP. The centrifugation speed will determine whether the remaining substance is PRP or PRF. A higher speed will separate the PRP from other contents, while slower centrifugation will allow some white blood cells and stem cells to remain (PRF).

Studies show that the additional contents in PRF may facilitate more substantial and longer-lasting results. PRP and PRF can be administered to the scalp in two ways: injection and microneedling. While PRP and PRF can be injected directly into the scalp to support localized follicular repair, the skilled physicians at NUMED use microneedling to deliver your platelet-rich solution throughout all areas affected by hair loss.

Microneedling involves the creation of microchannels with a handheld tool containing multiple tiny needles. As the needles stamp into the scalp, they create microscopic injuries that stimulate repair and allow your PRP or PRF to be absorbed into the scalp. Through tiny wounds and the introduction of growth factors, microneedling with PRP or PRF stimulates extensive cellular regeneration to repair hair follicles and naturally promote hair growth.

What Happens After The Procedure?

PRP/PRF Hair Restoration Recovery

Hair rejuvenation with PRP or PRF involves zero downtime. However, there are some medications that you will need to avoid immediately after your treatment to ensure the best results, including anti-inflammatories. Your physician will advise you on how to manage any post-treatment discomfort without compromising your results.

How Long Will It Take To See a Difference?

PRP/PRF Hair Restoration Results

Our Carolina hair restoration with PRP and PRF patients will likely see a noticeable increase in their hair's thickness, fullness, and length within about two or three months after their first treatment, with continued improvements.

Most patients undergo an initial series of treatments followed by regular maintenance treatments to jumpstart and maintain enhanced cellular repair and hair growth. Your first several treatments will be scheduled monthly. After that, most patients plan their regular maintenance treatments three to six months apart.

Cultivate Confidence

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If you are ready to promote healthy hair growth naturally with PRP or PRF in Carolina or Mayaguez, contact us to discuss how you can achieve a youthfully lush head of hair. At NUMED, you can enter your treatment with the confidence that you are receiving the most advanced solutions on the market from expertly trained physicians.

PRP/PRF Hair Restoration
Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will I need?

Most of our Carolina hair restoration patients undergo several treatments to achieve and maintain their hair growth. In most cases, you can expect to receive an initial series of treatments, followed by maintenance treatments spaced every 3-6 months apart.

How long does PRP/PRF Hair Rejuvenation take?

Treatment will involve a blood draw, centrifugation, and the application of the platelet-rich solution with microneedling. The entire process takes approximately half an hour, and you will be free to return to your day immediately after your appointment.

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