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Sexual Health
in Carolina, PR

Men's & Women's Sexual Health

O-Shot and P-Shot Treatments at NUMED Medical Aesthetics Center

Research has shown that sexual pleasure, desire, and performance directly affect your overall well-being. As more and more people have begun to realize the importance of sexual health in their lives, NUMED Medical Aesthetics Center is proud to offer life-changing treatments like the O-Shot and P-Shot in Carolina and Mayaguez. We strive to deliver the best treatments for sexual health Carolina has to offer. These non-surgical procedures target men’s and women’s sexual health by enhancing libido and improving arousal, performance, and pleasure. Schedule your consultation to discuss how one simple treatment can impact your sexual wellness.

You deserve great sex.

What is sexual health treatment?

Sexual health is paramount to living a happy and fulfilling life. Thanks to the power of science, there are highly-effective, minimally invasive solutions that allow men and women to restore or enhance their sexual health. At NUMED Medical Aesthetics Center, we offer the P-Shot for men and the O-Shot for women.

These groundbreaking sexual health treatments use the body's natural growth factors to promote enhanced circulation and cellular regeneration, enhancing both sexual desire and function. P-Shot and O-Shot treatments produce substantial results with little to no downtime, making them an increasingly popular solution for patients looking to improve their sexual health.

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A Better Experience for You & Your Partner

What are the benefits of sexual health treatments?

Improving your sexual health can create a more exciting and enjoyable experience for you and your partner. The P-Shot and the O-Shot maximize your body's innate healing abilities to produce comprehensive sexual health benefits.

PRP (or platelet-rich plasma) is a component of your blood containing concentrated growth factors. Upon injection, it stimulates cellular repair to enhance cell function. PRP has countless benefits as it can be applied to various areas of the body for rejuvenation and healing. PRP is exceptionally safe and involves minimal side effects risk, as it employs your body's natural healing ability to produce results. The P-Shot and O-Shot deliver PRP where it’s needed for enhanced sexual health.

P-Shot Benefits

  • Non-surgical
  • Firmer erections
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Longer-lasting erections
  • Enhanced size, in some cases

O-Shot Benefits

  • Stronger orgasms
  • Enhanced sex drive
  • Increased tightness
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Enhanced sensitivity
  • Increased lubrication
  • Increased comfort during sex
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Designed With You in Mind

Am I a good candidate for sexual health treatment?

Our PRP sexual health treatments are an excellent option for virtually any patient interested in enhancing this area of their life. However, some conditions may prevent some patients from receiving these treatments, including smoking and blood-related disorders. During your consultation, we will discuss every aspect of your candidacy to determine if the P-Shot or O-Shot is right for you. In most cases, these treatments are ideal for our Carolina sexual health patients who want substantial results with minimal recovery.

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Non-Surgical Rejuvenating Treatment

Your Sexual Health Procedure

P-Shot and O-Shot treatments involve three steps. The first involves a simple blood draw as you would receive at your doctor's office. Next, your provider will place the sample in a centrifuge to separate the components of your blood, infusing your plasma with an exponentially higher-than-normal concentration of growth factors. Lastly, they will administer several injections into the treatment area. Injections take only a few minutes, and our Carolina sexual health patients can return to their day immediately after their appointment.

Minimal recovery. Impressive results.

Sexual Health Treatment Recovery

One of the most beneficial aspects of the P-Shot and the O-Shot is that they require minimal recovery. You may experience some mild swelling and soreness around injection sites, but these side effects should be mild and subside quickly. You should wait 24-48 hours before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Realize your best sex life.

Sexual Health Treatment Results

You will begin to notice the effects of your treatment about two weeks after your appointment. However, your benefits will continue to develop for up to three to four months as cellular regeneration occurs. You can expect your results to last 12-18 months. Because the O-Shot and the P-Shot use your body's natural growth factors, you can safely receive these treatments as many times as needed to maintain your results.

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Optimal sexual health is essential to living your most satisfying life. If you are ready to enhance your sexual health with advanced PRP-based treatments, schedule your consultation for the P-Shot or O-Shot at NUMED Medical Aesthetics Center in Carolina or Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

Sexual Health
Frequently Asked Questions

Does the P-Shot increase size?

While every patient’s results may vary, the P-Shot has been shown to increase both length and girth in some cases. Many men see an ¼ to 1-inch increase in length and up to an inch in girth.

Do the O-Shot and P-Shot treatments hurt?

Generally speaking, patients experience only minor discomfort during their O-Shot or P-Shot treatment.

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