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Improve Your Quality of Life

Take Control of Your Sexual Performance

Sexual performance is an important part of a healthy, satisfying relationship. Unfortunately, many men struggle with erectile dysfunction, and it can have a significant impact on their self-esteem, confidence, and intimate relationships. For men who experience difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, the struggle can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening. Fortunately, you’re not alone. Our experienced medical professionals can work with you to create a customized treatment plan that can help improve your sexual function and overall quality of life.

Improve Your Sexual Health

P-Shot at NUMED Medical Aesthetics Center

At NUMED Medical Aesthetics Center, the P-Shot is performed by a team of experienced and skilled medical professionals. Our practice is located in Puerto Rico and offers a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for patients seeking sexual wellness treatments. We strive to deliver the best P-Shot Carolina has to offer. If you want to improve your sexual health and overall quality of life, NUMED Medical Aesthetics Center can provide you with the expert care and personalized attention you deserve.

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What Is It?

What is the P-Shot?

The P-Shot, or the Priapus Shot, is a medical treatment involving injecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the patient’s blood into their penis.

The PRP contains growth factors that stimulate tissue regeneration and improve blood flow to the penis, resulting in improved sexual function and performance. It also effectively treats erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and lack of sexual sensation. If you’re looking for a safe and effective treatment to improve your sexual health, the P-Shot may be the answer.

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P-Shot Benefits

The P-Shot can provide several benefits for men experiencing erectile dysfunction or sexual performance issues, including:

  • Improved erectile function and sensitivity
  • Increased sexual stamina and performance
  • Enhanced penis size and girth
  • Improved overall sexual satisfaction
  • Increased libido and sexual desire
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem

In addition to these benefits, the P-Shot is a nonsurgical treatment that does not require medication, making it a safe and effective option for many men. It can also be used in conjunction with other treatments for erectile dysfunction, such as medication or vacuum pumps, to achieve optimal results.

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Ideal Candidates

Am I a Candidate for the P-Shot?

If you suffer from issues related to erectile dysfunction or other sexual performance conditions, the P-Shot may be an excellent option for you. However, certain factors can stop some people from receiving this form of therapy; these include:

  • Allergies to local anesthesia or other medications used during the procedure
  • Blood disorders or clotting issues
  • Active infections or skin conditions in the genital area
  • Certain medical conditions such as prostate cancer or Peyronie’s disease

Additional Reading

It is important to discuss any health concerns with us before undergoing any medical treatment, including the P-Shot. We can help determine if this treatment is right for you based on your individual needs and medical history.


P-Shot Consultation and Preparation

Before receiving a P-Shot, it’s important to have a consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss the procedure and answer your questions. We will also take a medical history and perform a physical examination to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. To guarantee that the treatment goes as smoothly as possible, it is essential to avoid taking blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, for at least a week before the procedure. Additionally, you must stop drinking alcohol and smoking several days before your appointment.


Receiving the P-Shot

The P-Shot involves taking platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood and injecting it into your penis. The first step of the procedure involves drawing blood from your arm. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge, separating the platelet-rich plasma from other components of your blood. Once the PRP has been extracted, it is injected into various areas of your penis using a small needle. A numbing agent or anesthesia may be used to minimize discomfort during the injection process. The entire procedure typically takes less than an hour to complete.

Recovery & Results

P-Shot Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

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The P-shot is a safe and natural way to increase blood flow and tissue growth in the penis, often resulting in a 10-20% increase in girth. The ultimate results of the treatment appear after three to four months, with a noticeable improvement in erection quality, sexual drive, and erectile function. The peak of your results means the Priapus Shot is working to its fullest potential. To maintain your results, avoiding activities that would put undue stress on your penis, such as jelqing or using a penis pump, is important. Keeping your incisions clean and dry is also important to prevent infection.

Top-Notch, Expert Treatment


NUMED Medical Aesthetic Center in Puerto Rico is a top-notch facility that offers a wide range of medical aesthetic treatments.

What sets NUMED apart from other facilities is our commitment to providing the latest technology and techniques in the field of medical aesthetics. Our team of highly trained professionals ensures that each patient receives personalized care and attention tailored to their specific needs.

Expert Care

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Struggling with erectile dysfunction or other sexual performance issues? Visit NUMED Medical Aesthetics Center to discover if the P-Shot is a viable solution for you! Our specialists are ready to provide an individualized consultation and answer any questions. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and begin the journey towards renewed sexual function.

Frequently Asked Questions

The P-Shot procedure is generally considered to be painless. The area around the penis is numbed with a local anesthetic before the injection, so you should not feel any discomfort.

As with any medical procedure, there are some risks associated with the P-Shot. These include infection, bleeding, and bruising at the injection site. However, these risks are rare and can be minimized by choosing a qualified and experienced provider.

Results from the P-Shot can vary depending on the individual. Some of our Carolina P-Shot patients report improvements in sexual function within hours or days of the injection, while others may take several weeks to see results.

The effects of the P-Shot are not permanent and may require yearly follow-up treatments to maintain results. The frequency of follow-up treatments will depend on your individual needs and goals.

The cost of the P-Shot varies on the specific treatment plan that will be used.

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