Zimmer Z-Wave

The Z-Wave technology has been FDA approved to treat cellulite, but scientific studies have shown it to increase the results of the CoolSculpting procedure by up to 60%.  This device doesn’t aid in weight loss, but is a great addition to a body contouring program. 

Benefits of Zimmer Z-Wave After CoolSculpting

The Z-Wave uses radial shock waves to improve the results of CoolSculpting by helping the body break up and expel dead fat cells. It also influences fat cells that are damaged, but not dead from the CoolSculpting procedure to die. After all, who doesn’t want to get rid of extra unwanted fat. Patients love the Z-Wave devices because they take the place of the post CoolSculpting massage. This is big because the post massage can be painful after the CoolSculpting procedure. 

One of the other benefits of incorporating Zimmer Z-Wave with CoolSculpting is that it increases the speed of the fat removal process. This allows you to see results faster! CoolSculpting doesn’t take the place of diet and exercise. It’s the finishing touch to make, “the best version of you!”

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